The Research and Development Department is formed by a multidisciplinary and highly motivated young team. It started its activities in Leica Portugal in April 2015. Based on the experience in product development at Leica and in close proximity to Production and Assembly, it meets the requirements favourable to the development of products with potential benefits for production and customer. Mechanical Engineering, Optical Design and Electronic Engineering are the main areas of activity.


Development of mechanical solutions oriented to the design of Opto-mechanical and electro-technical products with greater relevance in Binoculars and Objectives, as well as accessories and similar products.

Construction in 3D modeling and technical drawing.


In the broad field that is optics, the Research and Development department has the following areas of expertise associated with the design of optical systems such as objective, binoculars and telescopic sights: Analysis of optical aberrations, diffuse light and reflections in opto-mechanical systems. Simulation of tolerance, study of Monte Carlo systems and simulations.


Development of small electronic circuits to incorporate into the developed products.

It is worth noting:
Schematic drawing of electronic circuits in CAD (Eagle).

Design of PCB layouts in CAD (Eagle).

Development of electronic circuits.
Firmware development.